You need to quickly  learn how to teach live classes online using audio, video, and more. We’ve helped thousands  of instructors do exactly that.  We bring you affordable, practical techniques to engage learners and deliver effective online instruction. 

Let’s put an end to “Death by PowerPoint!”

The elevator pitch

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Now is the time: You’re now expected to teach in real-time over video and audio. You’ve got the basics down – you can enter the virtual room, turn your camera and mic on, and use text chat. But now what?

Teaching approaches, not tech support: This one-hour session provides time-tested and effective tips and techniques to lead real-time, instructor-led sessions that are effective and engaging. We’ll be teaching and demonstrating approaches, as opposed to providing tech support on your conferencing platform.

What are we offering?

Actionable Tips and Tricks to Teach Online in Real Time is our introductory course. It is a highly interactive hour. You will jump right in and learn powerful techniques to lead discussions and engage your students when you must meet online. You can use or modify these activities for your online classes or even for brainstorms and faculty/staff meetings.

This course is:

  • A quick, real-time primer with a small group of attendees
  • It is intended for those who have to get up and running with very little notice.
  • Held on Zoom, but not about Zoom. The tips, tricks, and activities learned can be performed or modified for most modern web and videoconferencing solutions
  • Intended for instructors at all levels, from primary school, to secondary school, to college and even professional development classes
  • Limited to one hour, to quickly get back to your most important mission, teaching!

This course is not:

  • A primer on the widgets, buttons, camera and mic settings for your web or videoconferencing platform. Your institution or the providers “getting started” resources should be sufficient for that purpose.
  • Intended for advanced and experienced online instructors.

Focus: Real-time instruction

It’s essential to have online instruction skills. In the past weeks, instructors and staff at the K-12 and college levels are being thrown headfirst into new territory. Our team is focused on helping instructors get started teaching remotely in real-time online sessions. We offer simple, practical, and useful techniques for instructors so you can keep remote students engaged and learning during your sessions. Sign up now!

Whether you use Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Blackboard Collaborate, or other tools, there are core pedagogical approaches you should know. We will show you

  • Techniques to improve your interactions with students
  • Strategies to improve peer to peer engagement
  • Online learning experiences that meet and may even exceed physical classroom instruction.
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These sessions were offered for free recently during beta, and are now being offered at low per-student rates. Please contact us for a quote.

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