Here’s what people are saying from our recent PADLA.ORG sessions. Attendees were from K-12, university, and enterprise organizations:

  • Very interactive and fun
  • Well Done – good Interaction and relevant insights!
  • Greatly appreciated that this was an interactive session; we learn best by doing!
  • Good ideas shared, sparks to keep thinking and applying
  • Well done. Great collaboration and sharing of ideas.
  • This was the best online workshop that I’ve attended for active engagement
  • I LOVED this session.¬†I’m new to Zoom.
  • Excellent session. Enjoyed the interaction and group work.
  • There was a broad range in expertise in the room, so I believe that there were several takeaways¬†from the session. Good Job!
  • This is a great session for teachers who are needing to go virtual now that schools are closed.

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